Environmental Literacy and Cultivating Stewardship

The GreenTeens program increases environmental literacy and urges students to take action.  These students are then equipped with the knowledge and understanding necessary to become GreenTweens, environmental leaders and stewards in their own communities, as they now possess information to pass on to family, friends, and their broader community, thereby strengthening this movement through a multiplier effect.  The GreenTeens plant the seeds of knowledge, the GreenTweens grow and branch out from these seeds.  The resulting impact that the GreenTeens have is elevated through this network of GreenTweens.

The GreenTeens provide a four-part after-school

program.  Each part is approximately one hour long,

but timing can be adjusted as necessary. In a single

session, GreenTeens can accommodate anywhere

from 15-30 2nd-3rd-grade students, however,

if the interest exceeds these numbers, multiple

sessions or alternate plans may also be considered.

GreenTeen to student ratio is at most 1:4, providing

each individual with abundant attention. 

This program was completely created by the

GreenTeens and includes activities such as a

structured, engaging demonstration and discussion,

individual goal setting, DOTS, an urban nature hunt/photo walk, a photo collage, and a graduation ceremony.

Each GreenTeen presenter has gone through a comprehensive training program to create a consistent experience for all participating elementary school students.

The GreenTeens subsidize all supplies and equipment.  In the spring of 2010, the GreenTeens were one out of nine grant winners nationwide, receiving $2,500 in grant money to fund the project from the Alliance for Climate Education.  Additionally, GreenTeens received a match-grant from the U.S. Green Building Council of $2,500 in the spring of 2011. 

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All schools have to provide is a classroom space and students!

DOT Campaign

Over the last couple of years, Marlborough has made a large effort to “go green.”  Some of these efforts

include new building, Munger Hall, achieving LEED

certification and the planting of the school garden.

Now, the GreenTeens are initiating the DOT Campaign

at Marlborough School.

The Alliance for Climate Education encourages

students to Do One Thing (DOT) to help save the

environment.   GreenTeens has initiated this campaign

on the Marlborough campus.  Now Barbara Wagner,

Head of School, is encouraging students, faculty,

parents, and alumni to DOT in order to strengthen

the Marlborough community.  

Each student’s DOT varies from another, the strength

and beauty of the campaign.  DOTs can range from

buying only used clothes to preforming research in

environmental science. Everyone contributes to the

environmental movement in a way they decide to,

taking ownership which results in action.  

In addition, DOTs are a huge part of the GreenTeens

curriculum.  At each school, one of the first

activities that the students participate in is choosing

their own DOT. They put their name and DOT on a

board and each time they complete their DOT,

they receive a sticker. To the right are some DOTs

that the kids created with their new knowledge 

What’s your DOT?



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“Kids are excited about the  environment, their impact and the attention they received built a lot of self confidence and pride.”

 Trish Vance 
A World Fit For Kids